"We believe in a future

in which every object, every location and every person

is augmented with digital information."

Tagxy Concepts AG advises companies on their augmented reality projects. With AR, it is possible to place, discover and share any content in the real world. "Only if we understand that digital information can be experienced in the real world will augmented reality become established. If companies realize this potential and move toward generation Z, then AR will not be a marketing gag. The generation Z has little fear of contact and a higher demand on the experience of the information. It's not enough just to hide an info on a website / timeline, it has to be a happening. AR brings information to life, here and now. Great videos about a product are probably available on the net but why not directly on the product when I look at it through the camera (or glasses)? " The start-up wants to accompany its customers there.

AR is the new channel to go beyond.
— Stéphane Gay-Lang is Co-founder of Tagxy.
Go with the flow or you go with the flow.
— Jonas Schwarz is Co-founder of Tagxy.
The only limit is you. What are you waiting for?
— Fredrik Gundelsweiler is Co-founder of Tagxy.